About Me

Why I Write Career Advice

Some of the career tips I write about I discovered via trial-and-error. But the majority of it comes from mentors who've guided me through each and every career decision and job transition. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have this help. So here I am - sharing my experience and advice in case it can help someone else.

I'm lucky to say my book has been read by thousands of readers and become an Amazon #1 best-seller, and helped hundreds of people land their dream jobs in tech!

How I Got Into Growth Engineering & Marketing

My first taste of growth was when I started RapStock.io in my college dorm room and grew it to ~2,000 monthly active users. RapStock.io got me hooked on the idea of engineering the customer acquisition process. It was the perfect niche for me - a Software Engineer who also had a strong interest in marketing.

After graduating college, I moved to Palo Alto to start my career on Facebook's Growth Team where I was a Full-Stack Mobile Engineer working on the Android app's New User Experience. I created features and ran A/B tests to optimize new user retention which helped onboard hundreds of millions of new Facebook users in 2018 and 2019.

Hungry to learn the "business side" and join an early-stage startup, I moved to San Francisco and joined SafeGraph as their first Growth & Marketing hire. At SafeGraph, I wrote our first customer case studies, whitepapers, and other sales collateral. I helped launch SafeGraph's self-serve data portal, which helped us expand our customer base a 1000x.

I also started our press & data journalism initiatives at SafeGraph. Having earned zero press mentions in Q4 of 2019, by Q2 of 2020 we were featured by the Washington Post, NPR, and hundreds of other news publications. I even got to go on Fox News to talk about SafeGraph!

Nick Singh on Fox News talking about SafeGraph's fight against COVID-19 with Martha MacCallum

What I Do For Fun

I moonlight as DJ Lil' Singh and mix music at house parties and local San Francisco bars and clubs. When I DJ, I mostly play Hip-Hop, Trap, Bollywood & Reggaeton music.

You can also catch me in the Mission learning to dance (currently taking hip hop and bhangra classes). I also enjoy watching stand-up comedy (with aspirations to one day perform).

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